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Assistant for quality check during construction execution processes for energy efficient buildings

Start date: 01.01.2015

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: ASCORA

Budget: 4.46 M€


"Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for Energy-efficient buildings.
Problem: What the consortium sees as a major problem today is the potential loss of benefits of energy-efficient building components because of the lack of knowledge or bad implementation during the construction processes.

Solution: During the project ACCEPT will be created – An assistant for quality check during construction execution processes for energy-efficient buildings. The assistant will run on Smart Glasses and unobtrusively guide workers during the construction on site. This provides a standardized and coordinated process for all workers, ensuring that all benefits of energy-efficient building components are maintained.

From a user perspective ACCEPT is focused on the following very clear main results:

1. The Construction Operator Assistant App (CoOpApp) running on Smart Glasses, which passively collects data and actively provides guidance to the worker on site during the building process. (Pillar I: Advanced Knowledge Transfer for Energy-efficient Construction)
2. A Site Manager App (SiMaApp) running on a mobile device, which allows to remotely coordinate the working process as well as collect additional data on site by different sensors. (Pillar II: Agile Project Coordination for Bridging Heterogeneity)
3. An interactive web-based Dashboard as a monitoring and quality assurance solution. The Dashboard will use self-inspection methods to determine important characteristics such as U-Values. (Pillar III: Adaptive Quality Assurance with Self-Inspection Features)

The project is fully build around achieving a maximum of impact: The three results will be accompanied by 7 real-world pilots grouped into 3 piloting areas within the project. Pilots are located in 4 different EU countries."

List of achievements

The ACCEPT project video can be found here.


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